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Picitlist was created to empower businesses to take online to a whole new level and simplify it all. We experienced the pain of not having a single place to manage our own online presence and connect with our customers like we wanted to personally, so we created one.

The online world we live in creates a whole new dimension for businesses to navigate.  This compounds when new tools to stay connected, generate leads & engage customers pop up every day. You don’t have to feel like you’re in a whirlwind to keep up or that you’re on a sinking ship because you can’t. You just need one place to be able to breeze through “online” so you can go back to being the master of your business. Imagine having everything you need, all in one place. It sure makes life a lot easier!

Generate Leads  -  Up-sell / Cross Sell  -  Stay Connected  -  Offer Value  -  Promote

Picitlist was designed for business owners who:

  • Understand the power of being online and mobile
  • Are cash conscious
  • Are time pressed
  • Know that competition is fierce
  • Understand they can’t be the expert in everything

Before becoming entrepreneurs the members of our team were involved in technology developments that changed the way the legal and business worlds worked forever.  We’ve started a few different companies all focused on helping businesses in different ways due to our in-depth  knowledge of web development, SharePoint, custom development, process improvement, and consulting.

Now we want to help you simplify. ConactUs@Picitlist.com